Walking the Salient I

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If you don’t know what you’re looking at, around Ypres, you think it’s prosperous, green, flourishing farm country. Because it is. I’m back in Flanders, focused on a series of poems centered here, in the … Read More

Speaking of Shiva

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Shiva, as Nataraja, dancing the universe in and out of existence, in bronze. The pot is a god. The winnowing fan is a god. The stone in the street is a god. The comb is … Read More

Thalassa! Thalassa!

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Kannyakumari, at the southern tip of India, where the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea meet the Indian Ocean. Offshore, the towering statue of Tamil poet-saint Tiruvalluvar.

The Gods Are Everywhere, II

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The great Shri Meenakshi Temple, in Madurai. The centrifugal manifestations of divinity are dense, astonishing, and ubiquitous.  So are the masses of pilgrims and local worshippers who dawdle or flock among the carved medieval pillars … Read More

On Break with Laura Jensen

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Reverse-engineeering Girls on the Run, by John Ashbery, proceeds apace. I have been moving into new work by using the syntactical mechanisms present in GOTR, which enables narrative, addressee, time, and speaker to slide around. But yesterday I sought … Read More