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Meet Elizabeth T. Gray, Jr.


Liz Gray is a poet and a translator of Persian and Tibetan literature. She is also an expert on complex negotiation and on the formation and management of strategic alliances and other forms of inter- and intra-organizational collaboration.


Ms. Gray’s poetry, essays, and reviews have appeared in publications around the world.


"Elizabeth Gray takes aim at an older mood that surrealism and modernism divided between them..."

John Peck on SERIES | INDIA, Four Way Books, April 2015


Ms. Gray has published translations of classical and contemporary Persian poetry and co-translated a major Tibeto-Mongolian folks epic.


"After this Hafiz’s secret will remain unspoken. Alas, remember those who keep the secrets."

Khwaja Shams ud-Din Muhammad Hafiz-i Shirazi (d. 1389)


An expert on complex negotiation, Ms. Gray has served as a negotiation advisor to individuals, non-profits, governments, and corporations, and facilitated the formation and management of strategic alliances.


"Any collaborative agreement requires constant evaluation and readjustment if it is going to produce economic value over time."